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Damekko Doubutsu episode 7


English title: The Green Tragedy
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: Unkown

Uruno, a useless wolf, is on the road searching for a new place to call home. He soon comes upon a whole forest full of "useless animals" - that is, animals that don't live up to their species' usual character. After a short fight with the smoking, bad-tempered rabbit, Usahara, Uruno decides that he wants to move on... but changes his mind upon meeting Chiiko, a clumsy cheetah girl. It's love at first sight for Uruno, and after deciding to stay for her, he continues to hope that even though he's a good-for-nothing, he'll win her over someday. That is, if living with the other strange residents of the forest - including the aformentioned smoking rabbit, a sake-drinking unicorn, a near-sighted eagle, an orca that cannot swim, and a shy pegasus - doesn't get to him first. [MAL]

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