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Ah! My Goddess The Movie episode 1


English title:
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: Unkown

For centuries, a god named Celestin has been imprisoned on the moon for betraying the kingdom of Yggdrasil. Released by the fairy Morgan Le Fey, Celestin travels to Earth to reunite with his former pupil, the goddess Belldandy. Things go awry as Celestin erases Belldandy's memories of her boyfriend Keiichi and uses her as a catalyst to wreak havoc on Earth and Yggdrasil. [MAL]

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Episode Rating: 5

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  • #1 - posted by jhadis on 05.01.09 @ 1:24AM
    this anime is great, so sweet, so lovely. love it...
  • #2 - posted by 7lm on 08.02.09 @ 8:14AM
  • #3 - posted by bdemer on 12.04.10 @ 1:05PM
    AH! megumi-san!!!!!!

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