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Animal Yokocho episode 11


English title: Heart-Pounding Chapter of a Birthday Party / Heart-Pounding Chapter of a Snowball Fight
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: Unkown

On the first day her family moved to their new house, 5 year old Ami-chan made friends with three talking animals who came out of a door in her bedroom floor, which she finds out leads to Animal Yokocho, another world. The three are Issa, an overly innocent, soft-spoken panda, Kenta, a highly strung, red-scarf-loving bear who puts on an almost constant tough-guy act, and Iyo, a rabbit who usually holds her own well-being and enjoyment over the happiness (and safety) of her friends. Even at only 5 years old, Ami-chan is easily the most rational of the group, and she's a little wary at first, but she eventually comes around and starts spending her free time with them. A typical day involves Ami-chan and the three doing different things to pass the time, often playing a seemingly innocent game, but in AniYoko style. Unfortunately for Ami-chan, the AniYoko version usually turns out to be drastically different, much less logical, and usually more dangerous than the ordinary version. 5 year old kindergarten girl, Ami-chan, has a secret which cannot be revealed to anyone: that is, she spends her days with mysterious animals who come to her house. These animals include a rabbit by the name of Iyo, a bear named Kenta and a panda called Issa. They are actually from Anima Yokocho, the place that the secret door in Ami-chan's room leads to. And of course, other mysterious characters from Animal Yokocho will subsequently make their appearances as well... [MAL]

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