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Full Moon wo Sagashite by animeliveson1

“a good concept”
astory about a girl wanting to be a singer to find her love while metting two shinigamis. after finding out she has a year to live, they help her with her dream before she dies. To me its a great and meaningful concept. I like how in the anime, she finds out about Eichi's death when she goes to America, in the manga she always knew but didn't want to believe it, in the anime she doesn't sound like a pshyco. While looking at her other manga, i realized her storyline is great and for the first time i didn't know what was going to happen. I compare this anime/manga with another one of my favorites, Uta No Prince-sama. They both have a meaningful story that would touch your hearts and the shows helped me realize i want to be a singer.
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Full Moon wo Sagashite: a good concept

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